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AdBlue quality sensor

AdBlue Quality Sensor

Fault codes related to AdBlue Quality Sensors are quite common for engines that are equipped with SCR Aftertreatment Systems. Learn the basics to improve engine uptime!

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Cummins Aftertreatment

Cummins Fault Code 3582

If NOx conversion across the Cummins SCR catalyst is too low, Fault Code 3582 will become active. A well-structured diagnostic process is crucial if you want a successful repair. Keep reading to find out how to troubleshoot Cummins Fault Code 3582!

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Cummins X15 Common Rail Fuel System

Does my Cummins ECM need Trim Codes?

Failing to provide the correct injector Trim Code to the ECM could lead to problems such as lack of power, bad fuel ecoomy, or even DPF blockage. How can you know if your Cummins engine needs Trim Codes? How can you update the Trim Codes following an injector swap?

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