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Does my Cummins ECM need Trim Codes?

Cummins X15 Common Rail Fuel System

Failing to provide the correct injector Trim Code to the ECM could lead to problems such as lack of power, bad fuel ecoomy, or even DPF blockage. How can you know if your Cummins engine needs Trim Codes? How can you update the Trim Codes following an injector swap?

HVO Diesel. Can it help diesel engines run cleaner?

HVO diesel

A diesel fuel which reduces CO2 emissions by 90%, particles by 30%, offers superior cold weather performance and is compatible with ANY diesel engine? Does it sound too good to be true? Let’s do some analysis. Keep reading!

Does fuel injector polarity matter?

Cummins X12 Injector

Some engine manufacturers such as Cummins, use injectors without connector plugs or with unmarked terminals. If this is the case, how should we connect the cables on the injector? Will the ECU show injector faults if we reverse the polarity? Does injector polarity matter?

Diesel Common Rail System – How does it work?

Common Rail

Diesel Common Rail Fuel systems are utilised to increase engine power, reduce emissions and make Diesel engines run smoother and more “civilized”. However they require special treatment and could pose a significant health risk if the person working on the system does not know its basic principles.